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Other buildings

Colt Houses are beautiful, economical, fast to construct and stand the test of time.

Endlessly adaptable thanks to our flexible system and design and drawing service, you can take pride in your unique property’s natural beauty and feel the benefits every day of constructing with natural materials.

Timber itself is an insulator making the walls of your house an almost living and breathing thing that regulates temperature to create a cool summer atmosphere or a cosy warm one in winter; added insulation can be installed on site making the whole structure super efficient. Furthermore, any of the new heat and energy technologies can be employed in your new home saving even more on running costs.

Traditionally most of our houses have been clad in sustainable Western Red cedar in the form of shingles or shiplap. This is a unique wood remarkably free from warping, splitting, shrinking and swelling. It’s natural oils protect against rot and decay caused by the weather, whilst its low density and course texture help boost it’s insulating properties but, if you prefer, the house can be clad in brick, tiles or have a render finish.

The design and construction system we utilise is incredibly fast and involves erecting a superstructure on prepared foundations. In many cases, subject to distance, we can make the necessary arrangements for construction of the foundations and drains, erecting the superstructure and doing all that is necessary to complete your home.

Conversions are designed with your needs in mind and are built to the same high standards as our new properties.

To discuss all these benefits and more, or to arrange a full quotation on your new property idea, contact us today.